BalletMet Community Partnership 

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Checks and Balances, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Employment Enterprises, Inc. is proud to announce their community partnership with BalletMet in Columbus, Ohio. 

President Lovey Hammel donated to two programs run by the professional ballet company and dance studio: Dance Reach and KIDTIX. Their Director of Development, Lisa G. Perks, explains what these are below:

"BalletMet’s DanceReach education and community engagement programs serve 30,000 young and young-at-heart Central Ohioans each year.  In order to serve individuals with the greatest need, we offer many DanceReach programs at locations in low and moderate income neighborhoods.  Through a range of programs at the BalletMet campus, in schools and at community settings, we educate and inspire Central Ohio youth who are the decision-makers and leaders of the future.

BalletMet’s KidTix program provides complimentary tickets to our performances for underserved children and special needs individuals who otherwise could not participate.

KidTix is a barrier-breaking BalletMet community service that shares our performances – and the joy and inspiration of the arts – with non-traditional audiences.  Each season, we give more than 3,000 free performance tickets to children and special needs individuals identified by area youth, social service, and faith-based agencies.  For many of these impressionable young recipients, this is a first-time experience of watching – live and in person – a professional ensemble of artists performing in a full theatrical setting."

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