Employer of Record Solution FAQs

1. What is an Employer of Record (EoR) Solution? 

EoR is an employment practice used by companies that need a solution to engage their referred or pre-identified contingent/contract workers.

When a hiring manager has already identified the individual for a contract or temporary position, and does not need external sourcing or recruiting assistance through a staffing service, this is the perfect solution.

This service is solely focused on supporting a client’s Contingent Labor or Temporary Staff Augmentation program, and does not employ the client’s full time permanent employees.


2. When would you use an EoR Solution?

  • To fill a vacancy for a temporary period of time with a referred or pre-identified candidate.
  • For short term, seasonal or annual projects.
  • Trial employment period prior to making a full time permanent offer of employment.
  • As an alternative to using 1099 independent contractor. If they are found to be misclassified, conversion to W2’s provides you with misclassification risk mitigation.
  • Employ Baby Boomers retiree workforce for project work or after a company restructure.
  • Employ college interns for a limited period of time.
  • Employ workers during a headcount or hiring freeze, or budget cut.


3. What is the value of using our EoR Solution?

Reduce Your Costs:

  • Employer of Record is the most cost effective way to engage referred or pre-identified contingent workforce.
  • Average hourly rates are up to 35% lower.
  • With no recruiting or sourcing costs, savings are typically $10,000 to $15,000 per worker.
  • No conversion or liquidation fee if the worker converts to a full time employee status.

Personalize Your Customer Service:

  • We practice a “white glove” approach with all of our employees, whether for our EoR solution or our own sourced contingent workers.
  • Our Talent Management services include an easy, online and structured onboarding program, combined with guidance and support to the workers throughout their assignment.
  • We pride ourselves on the flexibility we offer to our clients. Our service delivery can be customized to meet clients’ temporary labor or staff augmentation needs.

Additional Benefits:

  • ACA/Benefits Compliant.
  • Allows you to leverage talent in your own network using your brand.
  • Helps ensure that co-employment risks are mitigated.
  • Ensures proper worker classification.
  • Gives contingent workforce access to an employee benefits package.
  • One invoice for all contingent workers/contractors that are engaged through our service.
  • As a WBENC and WOSB certified woman-owned business, we can help our clients reach their diversity spend goals.


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