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Employment Enterprises has always been all about connecting with people. We work with people, put them to work, and find the newest members of their company for them. One of the best ways to connect with people is to find a common cause for celebration.

This issue features an article titled “Work Celebration Ideas to Keep Employees Engaged and
Excited.” In it, O.C. Tanner discusses ways to rise above the typical cake-in-the-breakroom party. Suggestions range from treats for employees to excursions from the office—even just getting outside to get some fresh air.

There’s another reason celebrating is important: most of us spend over 2,000 hours per year doing our work. That’s a lot of time, and without some fun now and then you are more susceptible to burnout. (The World Health Organization now recognizes burnout as an “occupational phenomenon.”) According to the Harvard Business Review, burnout leads to increased healthcare spending (nearly $200 million annually) and correlates to nearly 120,000 deaths each year.

If easing these mental health issues is simply a matter of budgeting time and resources for some celebratory fun, companies should be more than happy to support their employees this way. Preventing burnout will naturally lead to less turnover and happier employees, which in turn protects the bottom line. It’s all a cycle of wellbeing both for the employees and the financial health of the company.

At Employment Enterprises, we find lots of opportunities to celebrate. As this article is written, we are having an in-office tailgate party ahead of the Super Bowl! We’ve made it festive with decorations, typical tailgate food, and everyone wearing a jersey or shirt of their chosen team. (Most of the teams represented aren’t even in the Super Bowl, and some are even college teams. We don’t discriminate!) We connect, laugh, eat, and enjoy each others’ company while taking a much-needed break from the everyday vigors of our jobs. Do you have a plan to combat burnout?

Lovey Hammel, President


I understand why offices need to have office parties. ... No matter what the job, you need things to foster camaraderie and let off steam.

—Drew Goddard

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