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HR Consulting

Our Human Resource Consultants at Employment Enterprises, Inc. have the expertise to Strengthen Your Workforce. Below are the creative workforce solutions we offer:

I-9 Audit Corrections

Are you aware there is a new system for assessing fines?

Immigration and Customs Enforcement will now consider whether the employer knowingly hired undocumented workers, committed a paperwork violation, had prior offenses and more. Do not wait for ICE to send you a notice of inspection! Let us do an I-9 audit to avoid penalties. 


Salary Analysis

Do you have the desire to attract the best talent?

We are able to provide you with an analysis to make sure your salaries are competitive: specific to job descriptions, level of experience, skill sets, certifications, education level and location.


Employee Handbook Update

Is your employee handbook up to date?

There are numerous regulatory updates that have had or will have an impact on your employment policies. We can review, create or update your handbook.


Digital Flipbook Conversion for HR Documents

Do you want to promote sustainability while providing easy access and updates to any HR or company documents?

We can make your employee handbook paperless and engaging. With this technology tool, we take a static document and convert it into an interactive flipbook link that is mobile-friendly and effectively showcases company culture. 

HR Technology

Are you looking to update your HRIS system in 2017?

We can provide an analysis to find the system that best meets your needs. We will then assist you with the implementation.



When was the last time your team participated in specialized training?

We can provide you with training packages designed specifically for your company that offers training such as Sexual Harassment Training, Safety Training, Family Medical Leave Management, ADAAA (ADA Amendment Act) and Reasonable Accommodation Training and more.


Fair Labor Service Act Exemption Audit

Have you recently conducted a review of position classifications under FLSA?

Though the new regulations are on hold, companies still need to confirm that their positions are classified properly. Let us help you with reviews of job descriptions and salary ranges based on the duties and salary tests. 


Standard Operating Procedures

Have you ever had an employee call out sick or take an unplanned extended leave during Open Enrollment and no one is aware of the process?

We have the capability to develop step-by-step HR functions and provide a Human Resources Standard Operating Procedure Manual.


Orientation & Onboarding Procedures

What does Orientation and Onboarding mean for you? 

We develop effective online and/or face-to-face procedures to enable a welcoming and informative environment for new hires. 


Strengthen Your Workforce

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