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Internship Payrolling

Engaging Interns for a specified period of time is essential for your business's success. But it can have a significant impact in terms of time, expense and potential litigation.

We can assume the role of the Employer of Record Solution for your Interns by issuing paychecks, including all federal, state and local taxes. Also we customize this solution to your organization with client-specific forms, policies and processes to be uploaded and acknowledged by each Intern.


How does it work?

1. You provide us with your selected Intern's contract information, along with your offer details.

2. We contact the Intern and comfirm acceptance with offer details.

3. Proper worker classification is determined and we begin the onboarding process with a phone call and welcome email to the Intern. This email includes a hyperlink to complete the online new hire paperwork that has an approximage 30 minute completion time. The paperwork includes:

  • Employment Application
  • Background Check Consent
  • Federal and State Tax Forms
  • Other State-Specific Forms (as required by law)
  • Direct Deposit Form, Client Required Forms (NDA, Non-Compete, etc.)

4. Customized Company Orientation Link

Our goal is to have Interns complete the online documents within 24 hours of notification of their internship terms. If background check/drug screens are required, we have these processed and completed within 48 hours, average.


How does it help me? 

  1. We significantly reduce your administrative burden and free up your own internal resources

  2. As the Employer of Record, we assume the responsibility of unemployment insurance and all costs of issuing paychecks including all State, Federal and Local taxes.

  3. We mitigate business risk for your organization from worker misclassification or co-employment liabilities

  4. We ensure compliance with ever changing employment regulations and provide efficiency will offering you a cost-effective solution.

  5. With automated online onboarding, your Interns can complete hiring paperwork within 30 minutes.
  6. Our customized orientation allows for client specific forms, policies and processes to be uploaded and acknowledged by each Intern.
  7. We pay the interns weekly and provide you with consolidated billing.
  8. We give you total transparency by providing invoices detailing one easy mark-up that includes wages, insurance, taxes and cost of services.
  9. We handle all off-boarding processes once the Internship is complete. 

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