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Recruitment Process Outsourcing

What is RPO and why use it?

Staffing Industry Analysts (SIA), defines RPO as “the partial or full outsourcing of the internal recruiting function to a third-party specialist provider.”

But why use it? According to an SIA survey, there are many reasons why large companies go with this creative recruitment strategy. Below are just a few:

  • 67% said their primary reason was to improve recruitment efficiency
  • 56% chose it to reduce costs
  • And 53% went with RPO to improve the quality of hires.

Employment Enterprises, Inc. offers a Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) Solution that not only has these undeniable benefits, but also has a unique framework.

Why we're different

With EE, Inc.’s RPO solution we’ll significantly reduce your time to hire, so your HR team and Hiring Manager have more time to focus on core business functions. Below is how we help Strengthen Your Workforce.

Our price model cost savings
We have a fixed monthly fee for multiple candidates and this is a fraction of the cost of a typical single Direct Hire fee.
Our established network
We’ve been staffing in the Washington, D.C. metro area for over 37 years, resulting in a 58% employee referral base.
Our consistent screening process
Our recruiters conduct in-depth initial screening either in-person or on Skype to ensure an on-going pool of talent.

Our full-package RPO team
By partnering with us, you have access to a recruiting department, screening and sourcing technology, including social media sourcing, targeted job boards, our database of over 72,000 candidates and onboarding and orientation tools.

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 Testimonal from a C Level Executive in a D.C.-based Government Contracting organization

"I have worked with Employment Enterprises, Inc. over the past few months and found them to be an excellent sourcing and staffing agency. Their team is focused very much on what my needs are, ensuring that potential employees they submit for selection are an excellent fit both technically and culturally. Their RPO Team has always been very professional, proficient, helpful and friendly. Some of the skills and security requirements I needed to hire were extremely hard to come by but this group kept on proactively hunting for suitable candidates. I have no heistation in recommending Employment Enterprises, Inc. and their RPO solutions to others who needs"