CSR Environment Reforest

In 2013, we decided to forgo the holiday cards and gifts and instead started our partnership with the Fairfax County Restoration Project, which focuses on community action to replenish the local ecosystem. We've contributed a gift that will last a lifetime: the gift of trees. A single $35 contribution towards the Reforest Fairfax Tree Gifting Program means that five native trees will be planted in Fairfax County.

We also transitioned to an e-solutions environment that allows for electronic onboarding for Checks and Balances, Inc. and Temporary Solutions, Inc. As another component of this initiative, all of our onboarding, I-9 information and verification processes are done via e-solutions. The reception from both our employees and clients has been overwhelmingly positive, and we plan to implement more environmentally-friendly initiatives in the years to come.

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