Checks and Balances, Inc.

A Subsidiary of Employment Enterprises, Inc.

Since 1984, our HR certified service team has provided our clients of all sizes—from Fortune 500 companies to small businesses—efficient, cost-effective ways to manage their self-sourced talent.

Checks and Balances engages directly with your pre-identified workers to minimize employment and misclassification risks, allowing for the administration associated with contract labor to be outsourced. Our tenured client services team handles all human resource and compliance-related tasks, making the onboarding process efficient and cost-effective.

Our Solutions

W-2 Payrolling

We provide Employer of Record (EoR) services to clients, which includes processing payroll and paying taxes, controlling contingent workforce spend, and more.

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We specialize in reducing  SOWs, centralizing SOW spend, and ensuring cost savings and accountabilities.

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Independent Contractor (1099)

We provide compliance and engagement solutions that help prevent misclassification and high regulatory risk.

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Real Estate Payrolling

We provide EOR solutions to real estate companies and agents with teams across the country.

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Internship Payrolling

We relieve you of the liability and burden of managing your internship workforce.

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Re-engagement Programs

We develop a plan to ensure consistency of institutional knowledge by employing your self-sourced skilled workforce.

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