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As we move toward “the better normal” in the workplace, there’s no ignoring the issue of remote work. Prior to 2020, 4.7 million people were already working remotely. Now
that we are in the middle of a pandemic, 88% of organizations around the world have made it mandatory or strongly encouraged their employees to work from home.

In this issue of HR Insights, Valerie Grubb provides “6 Tips for Managing Remote Employees
for the Long Term.” She stresses the importance of communication, first and foremost – both
communication between employees but also communication of goals and initiatives on behalf of the company. As it turns out, Employment Enterprises is following many of her best practices already to engage with our remote workforce.

We employ Microsoft Teams not only for video calls, which maintain the close feeling of
face-to-face meetings, but also for instant message chatting that facilitates quick answers
and interactions. Managers keep consistent meeting times with their employees to ensure a
constant flow of communication both up and down. And of course we have transformed our in-person meetings to video calls as well, including our monthly “Friday Exchange” meeting which includes all staff. It has been nice to be able to see everyone “in person” throughout this strange year!

While we are working well remotely, there is always room for improvement. Nineteen percent of remote employees report loneliness as their biggest challenge. In 2021, internally we will continue to work on our remote training including company values. This is especially important for our new hires. Building connections in and between departments’ team members will be a priority. We must continue to find ways to engage with our teams and build the bridges for their personal and professional development.

Lovey Hammel, President

Humans are social beings, and we are happier, and better, when connected to others.
—Paul Bloom

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