Independent Contractor (1099)

Prevent Misclassification and Mitigate Liability

Checks and Balances, Inc. is a workforce solutions and talent management company, our responsibility is to correctly determine a worker’s classification as an employee or an IC for federal and state employment tax purposes, whether that employee is classified as exempt or non-exempt for purposes of the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA).  Checks and Balances adheres to strict guidelines in our worker classification process and follows the common law rules as defined by the IRS to determine the distinction and definition of an independent contractor and a W2 employee.

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Currently, 75% of our workforce is being serviced from remote locations. We achieve this through our investments in technology and the development and implementation of the processes and infrastructure necessary to support a decentralized workforce. Our unique company structure, with our use of the latest in virtual office technology, allows us to meet the priorities and geographical needs of both our clients and employees.


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