Internship Payrolling

Internship-PayrollingIncrease the Efficiency of Your Internship Program

Checks and Balances, Inc. Employer of Record solution relieves you of the liability and burden of on-boarding, managing, processing payroll and administering benefits for your Internship workforce.

Engaging Interns for a specified period of time is essential for your business’s success but it can have a significant impact in terms of time, expense and potential litigation. Checks and Balances, Inc. assumes the role of the legal Employer of Record for your seasonal Interns. As the Employer of Record, we:

  • Assume the responsibility of unemployment insurance and all costs of issuing paychecks, including all state, federal, and local taxes—reducing risk exposure to the client’s organization from worker misclassification or co-employment liabilities;
  • Ensure compliance with ever-changing employment regulations;
  • Provide efficiency while offering a cost-effective solution
  • Facilitate, with automated online onboarding, complete hiring paperwork within 30 minutes;
  • Create customized orientation allowing for client-specific forms, policies, and processes to be uploaded and acknowledged by each intern;
  • Pay the interns weekly and provide the client with consolidated billing, giving you total transparency with weekly invoices detailing the cost of services that include wages, taxes, insurance, and profit; and
  • Handle all offboarding processes once the internship is complete.


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