Re-engagement Programs

Retain Those With Your Institutional Knowledge

In an employment market where experienced talent is rapidly diminishing due to an entire workforce generation that is retiring, we know that retaining and engaging valued employees is critical. Organizations must provide them with employment and lifestyle options, education, and incentives to continue to build a future within their organization. Checks and Balances has launched a value-added program to counteract the talent shortage.

The purpose of a Re-engagement /Alumni Database is to re-engage workers who have provided value to the client to refill positions quickly and/or build a team in a short amount of time. We help the client by eliminate ongoing recruiting costs and reduce onboarding time, creating a win-win situation: flexibility for the employee and cost savings to the client. This customized program tracks hours, dollars, and compliance issues around retirement plans.

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Benefits of a
Re-Engagement Program

As the Employer of Record, we provide and ensure:

  • Reduction of risk exposure such as co-employment liabilities and worker misclassification
  • Regulatory compliance with continually changing Federal and State regulations
  • Tracking for compensation and/or total hour compliance ceilings
  • Government reporting, unemployment claims management
  • Submission of local, state, and federal payroll taxes
  • Payroll processing
  • Payroll record maintenance and management
  • Employment related responsibilities that include workers’ compensation insurance coverage,
  • General liability insurance, cyber security and professional liability (errors & omissions) coverage

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